Our CPMS Solution

Universal and Interoperable Supervision Solution for Charging Stations

Core Value

- Divide the number of needed charge point.
- Divide the energy contracts costs thanks to a smartcharge algorithm.
- Handle energy sharing across time, priority and available ressources (smartgrid).
- Handle and Organize Electric Vehicle car fleet charging operations.
- Help Electric Vehicle Users to find an available charge point.
- Assist Car fleet administrator for cost calculation and maintenance.
- Help facilities managers with meaningful statistics.

See our Private GIT repository HERE*

ChargeAngels - Opensource Apache Licence V2

Main Features:
- Protocol: International OCPP1.6J / OCPP2.0.1J Websocket Secured (WSS) compatible.
- Organisation: multi-compagnies, multi-sites, multi-parkings, user and user groups
- Charging Stations details and real-time statuses: chargers availability.
- Charging sessions curves realtime: history, total energy, temperature, charging time and price.
- Charging stations remote control: Reboot, Clear Cache, Stop Transaction, Unlock Connector.
- Notification management: chargers in Error, network errors, operational errors.
- User management: Notifications end of charge, total consumption and price, State Of Charge.
- Log management: intuitive log management and multi-level debug information.
- Role management (ABAC): Secured API for third-party systems connection.
- Static Energy Management: Manually limit the charging station.
- Realtime Asset Management (Building, Battery, Solar Panel).
- Billing with Credit Card: Billing and Invoices using secured Stripe API or any POS.
- Complex Pricing: Flexible pricing based on kWh/Time, Parking time and Flat fees.
- Roaming integration: OICP Hubject / OCPI 2.1.1 (CPO & eMSP).
- Simple Statistics: charging sessions, duration, parking time and price.
- CyberSecurity bulletproof: AES Data encryption, role management, HTTPS, WSS and GDPR enabled.

Specific Features:
- SmartCharging: Priority Sharing, Peak Shaving and Day-Ahead electricity price optimization.
- Management of the Grid assets: Chargers, Buildings and Solar Panels for optimization.
- Management of car fleet: real time SOC, kilometer, energy consumption for optimization.
- Autocharge and Plug&Charge allows to automatically and securely recognize the vehicle.

The mobile application is available for iOS and Android. Can also be published as a White label.
Hardware Compatibility: with any OCPP1.6J or OCPP2.0.1J WSS Charger: we are doing full certifications

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